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Recently I found this set of small glass spice jars with bamboo lids and labels. Do you love to prepare meals for your family from scratch while at the same time experimenting a bit with different herbs and spices? You’ll know that it’s important to keep those condiments arranged in an orderly manner so you can get to the one you want quickly.

This set of containers is the ideal addition to any kitchen.  They are manufactured from high-quality glass with wooden lids that add a touch of natural elegance.

The black labels are an added feature, that allows you to identify your spices and herbs easily. The capacity is 70ml, which is just the right size to store a decent amount of spices without taking up too much space in your pantry.

One of the best benefits of these canisters is their transparency, which makes it easy to see the contents of each jar without having to open them. This is a time saver and prevents hassle when cooking, especially if your family is hungry and so you’re in a hurry.   If the recipe you’re using has many different condiments you need to be able to retrieve them easily so clear containers make that easy to do.

They’re also stackable, which is a great feature for those of us with limited kitchen storage space.

The lids have a neutral colour which will most probably blend and match with many different kitchen styles from modern, industrial-themed to farmhouse designs.   

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