While researching canisters for the kitchen I have come across some frequently asked questions and general information that’s helpful to know or understand while you are shopping around for a new set of kitchen storage containers.

As they come up I will add them to this page.

Why Use Canisters in the Kitchen?

Canisters are used in the kitchen to help organize foodstuffs that would otherwise be a jumbled collection on your shelves. When stored in airtight jars many foodstuffs can be stored for a while especially if they out of direct light and are somewhat cool. The containers used should be airtight to keep moisture and pests out.

Are Kitchen Jars out of Style?

No definitely not!

Maybe you have just recently moved into a brand new build home or one that is new to you, and you’re asking yourself if you need to add those kitchen canisters to the worktops. With a new home, we want to give the best impression we can so it’s natural to think about whether you need those jars or whether you can make another plan.

Another scenario could be that you’re looking to replace or add some storage jars but you’re wondering if people still use them these days. Kitchens have become more decorative as well as functional these days, more than they ever were in the days of our grandmothers.

While kitchen designs might have tended to become more minimalist and smaller in size over the last decades, people still do use kitchen canisters for organisational purposes.

So kitchen canisters are not out of style but you need to choose them with an eye not only on their attractiveness to look at, but also the functionality they bring, and also how much space they occupy on your kitchen work top.

Maybe it would be correct to say many more containers are stored away on shelves in units than are displayed on the countertops. If your kitchen is short on space consider freeing it up and placing them in a cupboard or pantry and maybe only display your beverage container sets for easy access. Another space-saving idea would be to use shelving units on the wall to hold them.

Think about looking at magazines and websites online to get ideas for kitchen storage solutions and how to put a decor scheme together. Pinterest has many ideas to look at.

What to Store in Your Jars?

Wondering what creative uses there are for your kitchen canisters?

In the kitchen, you can use your storage jars to keep foodstuffs dry and away from pests. Anything that you need in your kitchen can be stored in a variety of containers from foodstuffs to non-food consumables that you use.

Things like –

  • all your beverage ingredients – tea coffee and sugar
  • baking essentials such as flours, cornflour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda
  • sugar such as icing sugar and caster sugar
  • pasta varieties and rice
  • cereals look good in clear glass containers
  • dry pulses and beans, soup mixes

Always remember to try and get the best air-tight canisters that you can afford so as to maximize the preservation of the contents stored in them.

What is LFGB & What does it Mean?

Recently while looking at ceramic containers for tea coffee and sugar I came across a number which had lids that had a silicone seal on them that was described as LFGB?

I wondered what that meant exactly….

As containers in the kitchen come into contact with foodstuffs, the materials that they are made from need to be safe so that there is no chance of contamination from them into the foods.

The silicone that is used to make the seals of the lids needs to be certified that it is safe when used to store food items like tea coffee and sugar. The LFGB seal of approval means that it has passed this rigorous test. This test is one that was based in Germany originally but has been adopted by European countries as well. What it means is that it certifies that the material does not contain any toxic components and is safe to be used for storing foods.

What it means to you and I as the consumer is that we can have confidence when buying such a product with this certification, and it means it will be of a high quality too.