set of stainless steel spice canisters with side viewing window
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This stainless steel spice canister set has a side viewing window which is convenient. It means you can see at a glance what is in the container. The collection has 12 jars which is a good number for those who don’t use too many spices.

The steel outer casing gives the collection an industrial contemporary appeal. The inner lead-free glass jar in which the spices are contained means your seasonings are not going to be affected as glass is non-porous and inert.

The metal lid screws onto the bottle so that should give a good seal to exclude air and moisture. On the top of the lid, there is a sliding cover which when turned exposes 3 different size apertures through which you can dispense the contents. This is a useful feature as you’ll be able to control how much you add depending on the condiment.

The collection does come with loads of labels some of which are printed and some left blank.

I like the attractive appearance of these containers as it means you can display them on your dining table or for a picnic without them looking out of place.

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