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This set of small glass spice jars comes with metal lids that are made from stainless steel. This collection has 12 containers but there are other offers in the range with 6, 24 and 35 jars. If you already have a spice rack check the size of these jars to make sure they fit into your rack.

I like that the 120ml capacity containers come with a stainless steel lid as they are corrosion-resistant and fit tightly to exclude air and maintain the integrity of your condiments. In an industrial-style kitchen this metal colour might go better than the wood shade that you get from bamboo lids or those made from acacia.

The small funnel is a useful addition to the collection as it means you have a dedicated tool to fill the canisters – and is small enough not to spill – which often happens when I use my larger kitchen one.

The plastic cap filters with 2 sizes of apertures are useful as you can alter them depending on whether you are shaking out a fine condiment or bigger seeds.

The black circular adhesive labels are a welcome bonus as you can place them on the top of the lids or around the side of the glass jar – depending on where you store your spices. The extra labels mean that if you make a mistake you have spares to work with.

As this collection of canisters includes only 12 jars it would suit a family who uses condiments but not in a big way. If you need more jars there is a collection of 24 containers and 35 spice jars plus rack in the range.

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