After living in one country for 46 years (being born and raised there) we had to move to another country and continent. Along with a very different lifestyle we had to get used to a new home that was rented. It was much smaller than what I was familiar with and so this came with new challenges such as setting up a new smaller kitchen.

The high cost of shipping a container over meant that we had to leave most of our possessions behind.

Back home the choices for kitchen items were limited and I soon found myself spending hours online looking for what I wanted. The choice was overwhelming.

The idea to set up Just Kitchen Canisters came after searching for hours online trying to locate a specific set of kitchen canisters and other accessories for my home. I noticed that there was an enormously wide selection from which to choose! Deciding on which one to buy became overwhelming.

That time I spent searching for just the right kitchen accessories and canisters, gave me an idea for a website that would maybe help others to find what they wanted.

That’s why I have created Just Kitchen Canisters.

This website has been started to help others like myself who struggle to find the right kitchen storage jar. It’s not only about which one attracts you -ie its appearance, but also other considerations such as the material it is made from, and what you intend to store in it. For example, when space is limited I found myself thinking about using vertical space with stackable beverage containers

Thank you for dropping by!