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These space-saving magnetic spice canisters are ideal for fridge storage or any metal surface. If you’re struggling to find space for a seasoning rack, this might be a solution.

Without an organized system to store spices small seasoning containers can often become muddled up on a pantry shelf surrounded by other food items.

The strong magnet ensures that they stay attached to the surface, so as long as you return them after use you’ll always have them within easy reach.

The collection of 12 containers is made from stainless steel which is appealing to look and safe for food storage. As they are attractive to look at, you don’t need to restrict their use to the kitchen only. Place them on the dining table and also outside for a picnic or barbeque. A useful feature that they have is differently sized dispensing holes which you need for shaking out varieties of spices. The larger aperture is useful for measuring out larger spices like cumin seeds.

The top of the lid is clear so you can see which spice it contains, and you get labels to use – some are preprinted while others are left blank for those unusual condiments you may have.

As these containers are made for spices, you can appreciate that they are not large – 6.5cm (2.55 inches) in diameter by 4.9cm (1.91 inches) high.

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