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While investigating ways to get my condiments better organized I came across several magnetic spice rack ideas suited to small kitchens.

I was attracted to them as they offer a space-saving solution for those of us with a small kitchen space in a rented home. Being magnetic they can be wall mounted or attached to metal surfaces like fridges or freezers.

An additional benefit from displaying them like this is that you get to declutter the worktop surfaces leaving more space from which to prepare meals.

If you already have spice containers when you select a shelving system to display them be especially careful to know the dimensions.

Another useful addition to many of these shelving solutions is that they come with preprinted and blank labels for convenience.

In this list, I have included those systems that will be especially useful in small kitchens.

This shelving system when attached to the fridge does not require any installation. As a tenant in a rented home, this is a useful feature as landlords do not generally like holes being drilled. This system can be used anywhere there is iron for the magnets to adhere to.

The 3 shelves have slightly different dimensions which means they can accommodate different seasoning canister sizes. All 3 have a bracket height of 5.5cm, the lengths are 26, 27 and 28cm and the depths are 7, 8 and 9.5cm. The weight that can be placed on the shelves is 2.2 kg for the smallest one, 2.5 kg for the middle shelf and 3 kg for the largest.

The bottom of the shelves is composed of a sturdy mesh which allows air to circulate and dust and bits to fall through. This feature makes them easier to keep clean.

If you find you don’t really need all 3 shelving units for condiments, you could split them and use them elsewhere. For example. place one on the side of your washing machine to store cleaning materials.

If you need a way to tidy up your condiments without the hassle of drilling into walls to hang up shelving this is a solution. Convert your kitchen white goods into storage areas. Just attach these racks to a surface that attracts magnets like your fridge or freezer. The sides are open so you can see all the containers easily. By also adding round labels to the top of the seasoning jars you’ll be able to easily find the one you need. Note that this set does not come with seasoning canisters.

The dimensions of the shelves are 4.3 inches (10.9 cm) deep, 9.6 inches (24.5 cm ) in length and 3.5 inches (8.8 cm) tall. Before buying make sure your spice jars can be accommodated on the shelf.

This system has the added benefit of a holder for a kitchen towel which helps with decluttering. As this product has only one shelf it may be more suited to those who are looking to store fewer spices.

Before purchasing check the dimensions of the shelf to make sure it will take your spice jars.

Need More Storage Space for Spices?

If you’re looking for more storage space, I love the open, simple design of the product below and that it has four shelves.

This product with multiple shelves, like the others has an open design which makes it easier to keep clean and also to find the spice you want quickly and easily. The extra storage space means you could place other essential kitchen items there too.

The magnets on which these condiment storage shelves depend are incredibly strong so as long as you stick to the recommended weight all will be safe.

So there are 5 products that will keep your seasonings well organized, out of the way of worktop space but still easily accessible when you need to cook a meal for the family.

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