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Long-term condiment storage requires an air-tight seal which is provided for in these small glass spice jars with flip-top lids and a capacity of 100 ml.

The collection comes as a set of 12 containers in food-safe glass which is non-porous so there is no leaching of chemicals into your condiments.  Being transparent it is easy to see what is them and how much – easy to make shopping lists. 

The square shape and flat sides mean that you can organize these canisters in a way that maximises the space available.  This feature is a benefit if your kitchen is small and does not have much in the way of horizontal shelving. 

The silver colour of the hinged mechanism that seals tightly is neutral as far as decorating styles go, so they should sit well in many kitchen designs. 

Each jar has a capacity of 100ml which is bigger than some other condiment containers but still not too large for the purpose.  Dimensions are 8cm high by 5cm in width. 

The best feature of these containers is their shape and the inclusion of the hinged mechanism to seal them but the chalkboard labels are also a very useful addition – saves you from having to make your own!

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