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Sage Green Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters with Chrome Lids

This set of sage green tea coffee and sugar canisters with chrome lids have an unusual striking appearance with their vertical striping.

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The lids are airtight as they have a gasket which improves the seal when closed. This feature has the effect of making the contents last longer as air and moisture is excluded.

The set is manufactured from a combination of steel and plastic. Each jar can hold 1 L which is an average size for beverage food storage. It provides a compromise between storage amount and space taken up on the worktop. Check the dimensions to ensure it is the size you want before ordering - 17.3 cm tall by 15.6 cm diameter width at the base of the container.

These containers do not come with labels so they can be used to store other items in the kitchen if needed.

Customer reviewing their purchase of this product report positively on the appearance and function of this product as well as the shade of green.
They also commented on the fact that it was useful to coordinate this set of containers with other kitchen accessories in this range of products.

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