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If you use lots of spices and herbs this set of 48 small squared glass spice jars with wooden lids would make an attractive addition to your kitchen. The natural and neutral wood colour of the lids means that they will go with several different kitchen schemes.

The glass containers have a square shape to them which is helpful because it means they can be stored close to each other and so save space.

I always like to choose a glass container for storing my condiments as it does not react with the contents nor absorb any aromas from them. The plastic shaker lids are BPA-free.

This collection of containers can be accommodated in many different designs of spice storage organizers – wall-mounted hanging racks, pull out, free-standing systems and revolving style systems too.

The wooden lids screw tightly so keeping the condiments fresh for longer. The containers have a capacity of 4 fl oz which is adequate for a family home. I find that with bigger-capacity spice jars, there is a risk that I might not get to use all the spice before it is out of date. This is why I like these smaller containers.

I like that the shaker lids come in two sizes. One type comes with smaller holes that are convenient for powdered spices like paprika. I find this is useful when sprinkling on chicken pieces when you want a delicate coating. The other type has a lid with larger holes for the bigger-sized spices such as cumin seeds which I use in enchilada sauce.

I like that they come with so many labels – some preprinted and others blank – very convenient!

Still undecided then View more glass spice jars here!

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