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Glass Kitchen Canister Set with Clip-top Lids

Thinking about getting some new kitchen canisters and wondering which type would be best? In this article, we are considering the benefits of using glass storage jars over other materials.

In the world today, more than ever before, people are becoming very much aware of how our lifestyle and the things we buy and use can affect our environment. So, even when choosing storage containers for home organization we need to think about which ones are the best to use for the sake of our environment.

Glass can be Repeatedly Recycled

Due to the nature and make-up of the glass, it can be recycled many times over without degrading. This is obviously better for the environment. Each time glass is recycled its nature does not change and so it can be used many times over.

Some, but not all, plastics can be recycled. At some point, usually after 2 to 3 times, they cannot be recycled any further and so become part of the problem of landfill. This is because the nature of plastic is that they are made up of polymer chains and each recycle cuts that chain shorter meaning its quality is not adequate for further use.

Glass is a Safe Material for Food Storage

Glass is inert and cannot leach out any of the chemicals that it is made from into the food that is stored in it. Being non-porous and inert it will also not absorb anything from the food either. It is therefore better to use more glass storage containers in your kitchen and when preparing food.

As glass is non-porous it will not alter the taste of the food that it contains. It cannot absorb flavours from foods in it.

Sometimes when using a plastic container, the food that is stored in it can leach into the plastic material because it is porous. Then when you use that same container to hold another food item it will leach into the food giving it a strange taste or smell.

Food that has been stored in a glass container will generally taste better than that kept in a plastic vessel.

Longevity of Glass

Over time, and with repeated washing and microwaving, plastics will leach out more of their makeup. This is often the reason that we eventually decide they need to be thrown out. Glass does not behave like this as it is inert, durable and very stable and can therefore be used indefinitely.

Although glass does tend to be more expensive to buy initially you can see that over the long term, it will pay for itself due to its longevity.

Clear Glass Food Canisters

Most glass kitchen canisters are clear and see through which means it’s easy to see what they contain and also how much. This means it’s easy to know when you need to buy more of an item – makes shopping list preparation easier too!

When you organize your pantry with a shelf of glass canisters all with various foods in them such as a range of pasta types, flour, sugar and cereals it does look very attractive and appealing. When preparing food, the clarity of the glass means it is easy to see at a glance where the item is that you need.

Glass does have many benefits when used as a material for kitchen canisters and should be the material of choice but care should be taken when handling glass jars especially when children are around. Glass can break if dropped and it is heavier than plastic.

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