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If you need mini tea coffee sugar canisters, then this post will give you ideas of what is available online.

These small beverage containers are useful when space is limited such as in caravans, for camping and in small kitchens with worktop area shortages. They are also useful if you like to taste several different kinds of beverages and as a result, have many samples that you’re trialing out.

What I like about these kinds of containers is that you can often find vintage products that have a story behind them and are often still in excellent condition despite their age.

The storage jars are also available in a range of materials so if you want a particular type chances are you’ll be able to find the ones you want.

Many of them come in collections with several containers, not only 3, which is a positive if you collect tea varieties ( or coffee ) for tasting purposes. For example, many people nowadays like black, green and fruit-infusion teas.

Set of 3 Mini Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters with Black Labels
  • Glass jars with bamboo lids and tray
  • 8 cm diameter by 8 cm tall
  • comes with labels – customised – white, cream, grey or black
Vintage Mini Tea Canisters Set of 4
  • Vintage second-hand set of 4 containers for collectors
  • Size 5 cm by 15cm
  • Made from metal
  • included to show what is out there for collectors when you search
Mini Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters Set with Cork Ball Lids
  • Set of 3 small glass jars – 14 cm tall
  • Appealing cork ball lids
  • Labels
Mini Ceramic Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters with Choice of 6 Designs
  • Made from Ceramic material
  • Choice of 6 designs blue green botanical styles
  • Size – 8.2 cm diameter by 7.5 cm tall with 200 ml capacity
Mini Metal Canister for Tea Coffee Sugar Screw on Lid
  • 60 ml capacity is ideal for travel use
  • Screw top lid ensures airtight closure
  • Made from brushed aluminium
Mini Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters in Glass & Bamboo
  • Made from high quality food safe glass and bamboo
  • Small size with capacity 200 ml – 8 cm tall by 6.5 cm diameter
  • Ideal for collection of fruit infusion teas
  • Comes with ability to include personalised labels
Bee Style Mini Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters
  • Size 12.8 cm diameter by 11.3 cm tall
  • made from metal (not ceramic) lightweight to handle
  • easy to keep clean
  • Lid with handle and air-tight closure
Black Mini Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters in Black Metal
  • made from metal
  • Size 9.5 cm diameter by 13 cm tall
  • snug fitting lid
  • available in white grey and black

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