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Searching for kitchen beverage storage that’s unique and a bit different, and you love cats? Consider these unusual cat tea coffee sugar canisters with delightful images on them that just make you smile when you look at them.

These colourful storage jars are made from ceramic and have tight-fitting lids which keep the contents preserved for as long as possible. The jars are all the same size at 16cm tall and 11cm wide with a capacity of 1.2 L. As far as cleaning is concerned they can be placed in a dishwasher but NOT the bamboo wooden lids.

I like the fanciful, humorous decorations on these containers and the fact that each of the set of 3 has a slightly different design on them.

If you love cats and want to highlight that fact then these containers would be a good choice. They’d make a lovely personalised gift for someone who likes these animals too. They also have a range of beverage mugs that match them.

This set of 3 different size containers are all the same width at 10cm diameter but have varying heights of 12 cm (700 ml), 14 cm (800 ml) and 16 cm (1 L) which is useful when you only need to store less of a certain beverage or other food item. For example, these days people are consuming less sugar so it could be that you don’t need such a large jar for storage near your kettle.

This set has all the features of the collection above – dishwasher safe ( without lids), ceramic, tight-fitting bamboo lids – the difference is in the larger cat images, the colouring – blue and yellow and varying sizes of the containers.

They will also make good gifts for cat admirers and come with a coordinated range of mugs.

This collection of 3 equal-sized storage jars suitable for beverages or other food items can hold 860 ml and have the following dimensions – 10.7 cm in diameter by 16.2 cm high. They are made from ceramic material and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The lids are knobbed which makes it easier to open and close them. The lids create a close-fitting seal as they have a silicone gasket around them.

As they do not have labelling they are more flexible in what can be stored in them. As with all things with a feline-styled decoration, they will make a perfect personalised present for those who love cats. This design comes with a matching utensil container and a salt and pepper set too.

These delightful containers come in various combinations with slightly differing colours – mink grey and white – and capacities as well as a matching utensil holder

Again, with no labels on them, they’re useful to store a variety of items in the kitchen or elsewhere in the home or office.

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