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These unusual tea coffee sugar jars in white ceramic have a unique style.

I love the way the mouth of the canisters is fluted and wavy with the reflective silver colouring that matches the band at the base of the container.

The branding image on the front of the container’s body is stylish and elegant.

This 3 piece set has jars of differing capacities.

The largest container stands at almost 20cm high and holds 930ml (31.5 oz) The middle jar can hold 400ml (13.5 oz) and is 15cm tall, while the smallest is 12cm tall and will take 180ml (6.1oz) They are therefore useful for beverage storage where you may need a bigger container for one of the food items.

As this 3 piece kitchen canister set does not have labels it can be used for storing other things besides beverages.

The lids have a silicone gasket to improve the seal and make them more airtight. This means the shelf life of contents stored in them should be longer when compared with jars that are not airtight.

As this collection looks so appealing they would make an attractive arrangement on the worktop next to the kettle ready to make your next cup of coffee.

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