Are you looking for something different to refresh your kitchen decor or a gift for a housewarming / newly married couple? I recently came across these oil slick styled kitchen canisters and accessories which are very unusual as well as striking.

While researching this decorative style, I see that they are available in a variety of materials – plastics, metals and ceramics. I particularly like those made from ceramic material. Not normally a fan of black or very dark colours in kitchenware I do like this iridescent shimmer against the dark colours as it balances it out I think.

This shop does a wide range of handmade ceramic kitchen canisters and other accessories in this style.

Click any of the images to see the product listing on the websites (affiliate links)

Lustre Range

I particularly like their oil-slick lustre range as those canisters have lovely rainbow hues balanced against the black pottery.

Unusual Iridescent Kitchen Canisters
Oil Slick Spoon Rest
Tea Coffee Mugs Pearlescent Styled

Purple Range

Purple is a colour loved by many. If that’s you take a look at this range. I love the purple colour in the pottery but it does come with Gothic and skull styles as well which is not my taste but lots of people love it judging by the reviews.

Purple Utensil Holder
Gothic Styled Purple Range Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters

Oil Slick Drip Range

This oil slick effect looks very real and appealing on this pottery. It lifts the matte finish on the pottery.

Oil Slick Drip Biscuit Container
Gravy Bowl with Oil Drip Look
Oil Drip Effect Ceramic Kitchen Canisters

To browse other styles –

  • skull drip design
  • Matte black skull
  • Butterfly skull
  • Matte black bats
  • Pumpkins
  • Stripes and Stitches

as well as miscellaneous designs, visit their shop.

They are different and unusual, like Marmite some like it and some don’t!

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