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Just love these unusual tea coffee sugar jars with farmyard animal decorations on them as they are endearingly different but still neutral enough to blend in with many kitchen themes.

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The set of 3 beverage canisters is made in a white/cream ceramic material with black knobbed lids for ease of opening and closing.

They are labelled with stylish cursive script in a black print.

The bases are cylindrical with a diameter of 9.5cm and a height of 16cm which though not large is a sufficient size to store beverages. As they are attractive containers they need to be on display. The size of these containers is ideal as they will not take up too much space on your kitchen worktop, look appealing and provide a storage purpose.

Airtight storage is ensured via a silicone seal on the lids.

See More Examples of Unusual Tea Coffee Sugar Jars HERE

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