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Searching for cheap tea, coffee and sugar sets? Have you considered having a bit of fun and making your own DIY tea coffee sugar storage? Sometimes buying inexpensive items might not always be the best option as they might not last too long, and the little you invested is lost.

Doing it yourself can often mean you use better quality materials like glass jars you already have. Many of these projects are lots of fun to do and you end up with an item that’s very unique – meaning you’ll get loads of comments about them.

Here is a video tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to make your own beverage storage containers.

Save some glass jars from various food items that you have used up. Clean them up removing any labels and leftover bits of glue by rubbing them with steel wool pads which you probably already have for cleaning pots and pans.

Spray them with paint letting each coat dry thoroughly in between. Spray paint gives a very even finish with no brush strokes on the surface. Make sure that you only paint the outside of the glass jars keeping the glass interior as it was and therefore safe for food storage.

Add labels by printing them yourselves freehand with an oil based paint pen.

If you are not too confident in your own writing ability, you can of course purchase decals online very inexpensively.

Once your labelling is complete then apply a dishwasher-safe Mode Podge sealant

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy getting a bit messy with paint you could just jazz a glass jar up with a really attractive label on the clean glass jar – that would still look original and do the job just as well.

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