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This farmhouse-style flour canister in cream and made from a powder-coated metal is light to handle but still durable. The design of it and the ambience that it gives off will add a country look to your kitchen.


This storage tin stands at a height of 20.5cm ( to the top of the handle) and is 12cm deep with a width of 16.5cm. This means it will hold a large amount of flour (1.5 kg ) so it’s ideal for those who do a good amount of baking.


The lid fits on tightly keeping the contents fresh and dry.


The printing has been done to give a vintage rustic style so it does appear to be faded – but that is how it is meant to be. If you feel that you like the design of the container but the label is not to your taste, it is easy to get your own label using a product like these chalkboard labels.

If you want to organize your pantry or kitchen worktops and get rid of shop packaging then this container will help you do just that. If you like this one and are wondering if there are other storage canisters in this style take a look at this one for bread for example.

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