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Red tea coffee and sugar canisters can add warmth, and earthiness and brighten your kitchen space. If you’re nervous about going too bold with this colour but still want that vibe, kitchen storage accessories can add a dash of the colour without going overboard.

In this post, I have curated some examples of beverage storage containers with which you can get creative.

These products come in a variety of materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, powder-coated tin and even glass. This means there are lots of choices.

red ceramic canister set for tea coffee and sugar
Red Ceramic Canister Set for Tea Coffee and Sugar
  • Ceramic, red with white printing on the labels
  • 700ml – 16cm tall by 9.5cm diameter – ideal size for beverage storage less time spent refilling the jar
  • Lids have knobs making them easier to open and close
  • A gasket around the lid improves sealing & therefore keeps contents fresher
  • Customers reviewing purchases comment favourably on appearance, quality and how easy they are to clean. Check that the size is correct for your needs.
red metal canisters for tea coffee and sugar white horizontal labels with icon images
  • 3-piece set made from food-grade metal with white labelling and images
  • size 10.5 cm diameter by 15.2 cm high holding 1L
  • vintage style with a sturdy handle on the lid for easy opening and closing
  • the containers have a sealing gasket around the top of the jar that ensures a tighter closure and keeps the contents fresher for longer.
  • Handwash is recommended to keep these containers looking good
red tea coffee and sugar kitchen canisters stainless steeel with vertical labelling in white
Red Tea Coffee and Sugar Canisters – Stainless Steel Snap on Lids
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Snap-on lids which exclude air
  • White capitalised labels placed vertically
  • Size 10 cm diameter with a height of 12 cm
red rustic kitchen canisters for tea coffee and sugar in polished stainless steel
Red Rustic Kitchen Canisters suitable for Tea Coffee and Sugar
  • Made from shiny stainless steel
  • Tight fitting lids
  • Size 17cm tall by 11 cm diameter ie a generous capacity can hold 80 tea bags
red canister set with metal base viewing window suited to beverage storage
Red Canister Set with Metal Base with viewing window suited to beverage storage
  • Lids make a tight seal because they are screwed on
  • Viewing window helps with identification and when making a shopping list
  • 4 different sizes 24 oz to 64 oz range
  • Can be cleaned in dishwasher but handwashing will keep appearance looking better for longer
  • No labels so could be used for beverage storage and many other foods too
Red Kitchen Canister for Tea Coffee Sugar Storage
  • Made from strong ceramic material
  • Bamboo wooden lid with a gasket seal to improve airtightness
  • Top of lid is shaped so that stacking is possible
  • Simple stylish cylindrical shape
  • 454 ml capacity for storing smaller quantities and taking up less space
Red Country Kitchen Canisters for Tea Coffee Sugar and Flour
  • Country farmyard vintage styled metal containers
  • White labelling to match
  • useful handle to make opening and closing easier
  • 4 piece set with varying size capacities
Red Kitchen Storage Jars -5 Piece Set
  • Enamelled metal containers for beverages bread and biscuits
  • White lowercase labels make it easy to see which one you want
  • Square / rectangular-shaped
  • large handle on lids for easier use
  • lids fit tightly over the base
Red Storage Jars Tea Coffee Sugar with Poppy Design
  • Fine china set
  • Red labelling to make it easy when making beverages
  • Lids have knobs to make it easier to open and close them
  • Customers who have purchased appreciate beautiful design, strength and quality
  • Customers also reviewed jars to be good value for the price
Red Rustic Kitchen Canisters Vintage Styled with White Labels
  • Deep rustic red colour metal containers for beverages
  • Bold upper case white printed labels
  • Set of 3 containers of equal size that hold 3.5 cups
  • Customers who have purchased reviewed positively on quality, value for money, size vs use of these containers, as well as appealing appearance

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