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So much time and effort are put into finding the right storage solution for many food items, that it leads to the question of why do we do it? What is the whole point of a food container and finding the right one for the particular food stuff?

Keeps Food Fresh for Longer

Food that is left out in the open and not in a container – even if in a fridge will not last as long as the same item that is placed in an airtight container. Why is this? It’s because the container excludes plenty of bacteria and other bugs in the air that would start causing it to lose its freshness and become contaminated. The tighter the seal on the container the more air is excluded and the longer that food will stay viable. This is why you’ll see many manufacturers put a great deal of emphasis on the quality of their seals.

When you spend your hard-earned money on a container you’re helping it to last longer and so reduce wastage of it. Food wastage is a big issue and we’re all trying to tackle this problem.

One of the takeaways from this is that we can cut down on wastage from our homes by using food containers.

Move Food Around With Us Wherever We Go

The wide range of food containers that is available now means that we can easily put our meals into them and take them with us to places like work, for a picnic, on a journey or to a party. This makes life so much easier and more convenient too.

Prevent Contamination Between Different Foods

Have you been in the situation where you only need half of a strong flavoured ingredient like an onion for a recipe and quickly put the other half in the fridge may be on a plate and not enclosed in a container? If you’ve done this you will know what happens – the next time the fridge door is opened – you’ll be met with a strong whiff of that ingredient. Sometimes it may taint the other foods stored with it. This is another reason why it is best to keep ingredients in tightly sealed containers so they cannot affect others.

So as you can see it is important to store your food ingredients in a container but also to know which ones are right for which types of food. Not all kitchen canisters are created equally.

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