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Are you looking for ways to give your kitchen a low-cost mini makeover, with kitchen canisters, you can do just that.

Why Kitchen Decor is Important?

For many of us, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where we spend a great deal of time – not only cooking and preparing meals but also spending time with our family and friends. Therefore it makes sense to make it a pleasing place to be in. This is where kitchen canisters can be used as decorative items to enhance the look and feel of our kitchens.

Kitchen Canisters Provide Function & STYLE

As well as considering your wall colours, the units, seating, lighting and tiling as areas where you can improve the look and feel of your kitchen, remember that kitchen canisters can also be effective when decorating. Don’t only think of them as providing a function – ie storage solution and preserving food, but also as a way of introducing style and appeal.

Fine Bone China Tea Coffee Sugar Jars with Stylish Gold Lettering – available from Etsy

The combination of this white fine bone China and gold lettering labels can help to lift an otherwise neutral beverage-making area of the kitchen.

Kitchen storage containers are made in many different materials, colours, shapes, and sizes as well as in various styles – for example – farmyard or country, simple and neutral, modern or retro pertaining to bygone eras. When searching online or in a local shop you are sure to find kitchen canisters with specific themes that you might like such as –

Highland cows, owls, pigs, hares, foxes, botanical themes like lavender or daisies, wild animals and even funky decorations or funny images displayed on them. If you are passionate about a niche – try to include containers that feature it in your space.

When you are out and about in your local area or shopping online keep an eye out for accessories that you can use in your kitchen. Look out for items and think about what could match the design you are trying to achieve.

Botanical Themed Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters – available from Etsy

Choosing the Right Container

Choosing the right container is all about considering the theme you want to develop in your kitchen. What is your colour scheme going to be? Once you have decided on those two basics try to keep them in mind when selecting canisters. Too many colours and or too many themes can result in a confusing muddled or even cluttered look.

What food items do you need to store? What size containers do you need and where will they be placed – countertop, open shelving on display or in a closed unit?

Consider the kind of materials that the containers you choose will be made from. Will glass storage be better for displaying textured items like pasta and oats? Will glass/ other materials match the style and theme you want to go for?

Constantly consider and weigh up the right balance between that canister’s purpose and how it will look and fit in with your kitchen style.

Popular Canister Materials to Consider

Ceramic canisters have a timeless appeal as well as excluding light which might be important depending on which kinds of foods you may store in them. They also keep the contents cooler.

Glass storage containers have the obvious benefit of being able to display and show off the contents such as, for example, an open shelf displaying goods such as oats, different varieties of pasta and flour. Clear glass can be used to match most colour schemes.

Stainless steel and metal enamelled storage can look very sleek and contemporary.

Wooden canisters go especially well in a kitchen that has a rustic or farmhouse style.

Display Canisters for a Cohesive Look

Group your canisters together to make an appealing display. If you have the space on the countertop for example you could place a collection of tea, coffee and sugar jars next to your kettle, or on an open shelf if space is short. These could be different sizes and maybe you could add a biscuit barrel there too.

Beautiful Stoneware Canisters from Savannah – available on Etsy

A utensil pot that matches or contrasts with your other beverage storage jars placed next to the cooking area may help to tie everything together. Consider also maybe a fruit bowl or a big canister filled with fresh flowers to brighten up the space. These items need not cost a lot either but will make a big statement.

A natural wooden or painted tray that holds and displays all your most commonly used cooking ingredients such as a utensil container, olive oil dispenser, sea salt and pepper bowls and maybe a herb plant in a pottery container, would be attractive to view as well keep everything you need in one place.

A house plant or two ( if the space is big enough to take it) can also improve your kitchen look and feel. This could even be a hanging basket arrangement

DIY Decor with Canisters

You could make your own canisters using items you already have such as glass jars. Paint them and apply your own customized labels. In this way, you’d be able to create something very unique and original.

So to summarize, getting creative with kitchen canisters can be a simple low-cost way to give your kitchen a new look quickly and easily. Take a look through the menu categories above to see items that might fit with a design you’re planning.

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