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Are you searching for colourful tea coffee sugar canisters to brighten up your kitchen?

It’s quite common these days for kitchen designers and homeowners to go for muted neutral colours for their overall kitchen scheme. Black, white and grey are popular at the moment. If this is your situation you may be looking to dial up the vibrancy a bit with the use of accessories with more eye-catching hues. One way you can achieve this is by choosing beverage storage jars that contrast with the neutral kitchen scheme.

What I like about this technique is that you can have a bit of fun with the colours and add something that reflects a bit more about your personality. I also feel that a bit of brightness can add energy to a room. Sometimes certain colours can give a hint of a certain area, region or country. For example, red and yellow can give a bit of a Spanish vibe. Combine those shades with artwork that also conveys that theme and you have something that could be quite eye-catching and different.

Some of the 10 selected beverage storage jars with bright shades do give an idea of the flavour of another country. For example, the first product has a colour palette that reminds me of Mexico.

Colourful Mexican Palette Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters Set

If you’re looking to add colour then these Mexican styled bright and vibrant containers will do just that. They’re made from a ceramic material and have a rubber gasket to improve the seal and so increase the shelf life of the contents. Click the image link to view the details. #Amazon affiliate link

North African Eclectic Coloured Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters

This striking set of jars have a distinct North African vibe to them and will also add an eye catching display to any kitchen worktop where they’re placed. This 3 piece set should only be washed by hand as they are made from ceramic material. They are of different sizes – 56, 72, 102 oz

Spanish Coloured Tea Coffee Sugar Containers Vibrant Details

This set of 3 Valencian decorated ceramic containers are flamboyant with eye catching yellow, orange red and teal shades designed to liven up any kitchen worktop.

Coloured Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters with Flip Top Metal Latch

This set of 4 containers which each come with an attached serving spoon are available in a range of colours – the teal coloured set as pictured and red, beige, black, grey and white collection.

Brick Red | Mint Coloured Beverage Containers Country Style

This country vintage styled collection of containers is also available in a mint colour, black, grey, white and an unpainted galvanized steel version too.

Red | Aqua Metal Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters Set of 4

These shiny red metal kitchen canisters have convenient viewing windows which helps when you want to make a shopping list – see how much is left at a quick glance. They have screw on lids which means they are sure to be air tight. This feature will help in keeping your food fresher for longer.

Ceramic Rainbow Hue Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters

The rainbow coloured horizontal band around the top of these containers is striking and makes them quite different from other products available.

Coloured Ceramic Beverage Canisters with Italian Vineyard Image

These containers have a colourful image of a vineyard as part of the design. Made from ceramic material they have knobbed lids that are in the form of a small bunch of grapes.

3 Colours Tea Coffee Sugar Containers with Flower Design

These red, green and teal coloured jars in this collection are squared shaped with a black knobbed lid. They have an embossed floral design which gives them interest and appeal.

Set Assorted Colours & Designs Smaller Beverage Foodstuff Canisters

This collection includes 6 colourful tins with a variety of fascinating designs. These containers are small being 3.5 inches high by 2.5 inches in width. They would be useful for storing small quantities of food items that you want separated such as speciality varieties of tea and sweet treats. The dual lids system means they are good for preserving the freshness of the contents – ie expensive teas.

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