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Are you combing the internet for white tea coffee and sugar sets that are vintage-styled? I came across this collection that has that look of yesteryear designs that are so popular today.

white tea coffee and sugar sets vintage styled
White tea coffee and sugar set with vintage style design

These white tin canisters are powdered-coated, easy to clean and being of a neutral colour can fit into many different kitchen decor schemes.

As you can see in the image below the lids fit snuggly into the base with a gasket seal. This helps to keep air and moisture out which will prolong the life of the beverage contents.


These storage jars have a diameter of 11cm and a height of 20cm making them an ideal size for storing your beverages on the kitchen worktop. They are large enough to store enough so that you won’t be filling them up too often, and not too large that they take up vital worktop space.

I like that they come labelled for convenience in a black lowercase script.

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