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yellow kitchen canisters set with glass viewing window

Need a simple but stylish storage solution that adds a splash of colour ? This yellow kitchen canisters set with a glass viewing window will certainly do that.

Most of us spend a great deal of time in our kitchens being the hub of the home that they are, so it makes sense for them to be bright, cheerful and appealing places to be in. Many storage containers can be both functional - providing a solution - as well as looking good.

I like that this collection comes in stainless steel so it's safe to store food and easy to clean.

The fact that you can see through the viewing area to check how much you have left also helps when you write out your shopping list. It means no shocks when you open a container thinking you have enough of an ingredient to make a particular recipe, only to find you don't have the correct amount.

The lids screw on which helps to make a tighter seal - excluding air and moisture - all helps to make the contents stay fresher for longer.

If you end up feeling that this colour is a bit too bright - there is a range of 9 other colours to choose from.

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