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Yellow Kitchen Canisters Ceramic with Sunflower Design

These yellow kitchen canisters in ceramic with a sunflower decoration to them add a touch of colour and interest when compared with those that are monochromatic. If you are wanting something in this colour but don't want it to be too bold, this might be a style to consider.

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Those who have purchased them report that the bamboo natural wood lids fit snuggly into them making them more air tight and therefore preserving the freshness of the contents.

The set comes with 3 different sized jars which means they can be used to store a variety of foods. Check the sizes to make sure they fit your particular needs - some buyers report that they are small - but what is small to some is not to others - all depends on your needs.

What I like about these is the fact that you could find other kitchenalia that has this same floral theme. Think items such as .... salt and pepper shakers or what about a spoon rest?

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