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Yellow Kitchen Canisters Ceramic Multifunctional

This range of yellow kitchen canisters in ceramic have multifunctional uses as well as having a simple design that will match many kitchen decor styles.

The material they are made from is food grade standard and smooth making them easy to keep clean.

The lid is made from wood and has a sealing ring to improve the seal. The retailer suggests that you twist as you replace the lid to improve the tightness of that seal.

This collection has been designed in such a way that the base of one container will fit snuggly into the top of the lid of another so making them stackable. This is useful if you are short on space in the kitchen.

I like that you can not only get a range of sizes in these storage jars but also a range of colours too. If you wanted to reduce the amount of yellow you could also add in another colour for example - yellow and grey, or yellow and gradient blue.

The range in the capacity that these jars have is useful too as for some foods you may need only a small jar and others like sugar and flour you need something larger.

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