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Yellow Airless Coffee Canister in Stainless Steel

Are you looking for a way to store your favourite beverage in perfect condition? This yellow airless coffee canister in stainless steel does just as it says - stores the beverage by pushing out the air via a patented two way valve system. When there is no air this beverage can stay fresher for longer.

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The jar is made from 18/8 restaurant standard metal and other BPA free materials which matters because it means that it's of a high quality and safe to store your food.

What is also useful to know is that these containers come in 3 sizes which can store 250g, 500g and 1.1kg of coffee beans and they are stackable, which is helpful if you are short on space.

Click the image (# Amazon affiliate link) to see the exact dimensions of the different sizes, and the other colours that are available too

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