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Wide Mouth Canisters for Potato Onion Garlic Storage

If you're searching for containers to store vegetables in your kitchen, these wide mouth canisters for potato onion and garlic storage are both attractive to look at and functional.

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When cooking from scratch you'll know there's nothing better than using fresh, well preserved vegetables that are easily accessible from a container in your kitchen. That's why these containers which have large openings to them and holes at the base are suited to keeping larger sized vegetables.

The holes allow air to circulate preventing moisture from building up. This will keep the contents fresher for longer. The wide opening means they are easy to fill and access when needed.

Size wise these containers can hold up to around 8 to 9 lbs ( 3.5 to 4 kg) of potatoes, 1.5 lbs ( 700g) garlic bulbs and 2 .5 lbs (1kg ) of onions which is ample storage. I feel they are big enough without being too big - meaning that any larger they might then take up too much space in an average kitchen.

These storage bins are made from powder coated metal with lids that fit tightly which excludes the light that often causes sprouts to develop.

I love the old fashion decoration details that they have to them as well making them appealing to view as well as serving a purpose.

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