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Wide Mouth Canister Set in Glass Airtight

Need a wide mouth canister set in glass with tight seals? This collection includes 3 by 34 oz jars that have knobbed glass lids which make it easier to open and close them.

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The air tight seal is formed by the addition of a rubber gasket which creates a tight fitting seal. This means the contents should stay fresh for longer. One user reports that the lids are so tight that they are able to turn the jars upside down without the lids coming off

These containers are a good choice if you're looking for a storage solution that shows off the contents which glass does. Filled with a variety of food items they will look attractive on a kitchen countertop or a shelf. If you have other containers made from another material, these ones, being made from glass, should blend well. All the materials used are bpa free and FDA approved so your food is safe when placed in them.

The larger opening of 4.25 inches (10.7cm) is useful when getting a hand in and to refill them without spillages, as well as for storing larger items like cookies and big pasta varieties.

There is a larger 68 oz collection on Amazon which comes with 2 jars if you are looking for even more capacity.

These jars could be used for storing an endless variety of things such as -

  • sweet treats kept airtight and away from pests like ants

  • cookies and snacks

  • Flour and sugar for baking

  • storing infant feeding formula - wide mouth means can get a measuring cup in and out

  • for hot beverages food stuffs such as coffee, tea, and sugar

  • white, soft brown and demerera sugar for baking - glass so easy to see which is which

  • dried fruit and nuts

  • laundry products such as capsules

  • dog treats

  • .... and many other items

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