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White Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters Enamel Farmhouse Style

Are you looking for a set of white tea, coffee and sugar canisters? These farmhouse styled jars are made from a safe, food-grade metal that has been finished with a colored enamel coating.

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They have labels already printed on them that are done in an old fashioned style of font which matches the vintage theme.


These jars will hold 3.5 cups and the dimensions are 4 inches by 6.75 inches (10.16 cm by 17.15cm )

Tight Seal?

The lids do have a silicone seal which does promote a good airtight seal. This means they should keep the contents stored in them dry and fresher for longer.

These jars would look attractive in a wide range of kitchen styles due to their neutral color. In a white kitchen they would look especially attractive due to their old fashioned styling, the added texture from the four ridges on the body of the jars, and the shiny metallic rim to the top of the jars.

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