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white tea coffee and sugar set with square tins retro style

If you are searching for some neutral kitchen storage jars then this white tea coffee and sugar set with square tins and a retro style to the labelling might suit.

The canisters are manufactured from powder coated metal which means they are very light to lift. The lids fit snuggly over the bases of the containers ensuring a good seal that will mean you food stays fresh for longer.

These tins are of a reasonable size being 12 by 12 cm at the base and 13.5cm tall. The lids have handles which makes it easier to open and close them.

The best feature is the old fashioned style to the label printing where sections appear to have been rubbed off with time to give them a retro appeal. I also like that they have a couple of horizontal ridges running around the base of the container. These give the containers a bit more interest but would also help to grip them more securely too.

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