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White Marble Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters with Black Flecks

If you are looking for white marble tea coffee and sugar canisters this set have black flecks within the marbling effect that gives them a somewhat chic style.

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The lids are made from the same ceramic material as the bases and have a knob to them that makes them easier to open and close. The rubber seals within the lids add the ability for them to closed quite tightly meaning that food in them stays fresher for longer.

The set has 3 size jars -
* small jar that can take 24 fl oz ( 710 ml )
* medium jar that holds 38 fl oz ( 1125 ml )
* large jar capable of taking 72 fl oz ( 2130 ml)

Be sure that you are familiar with the sizes of these jars and that they will be suited to the purpose you have for them, so that you are not disappointed when they arrive.

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