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White Kitchen Tea Coffee Sugar Sets with Clamped Lids

If you're searching the internet for white kitchen tea coffee sugar sets take a look at this one which has stainless steel clamped lids and serving spoons for each jar.

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The closing mechanism for the lids which is made out of metal gives a different texture to the all-white style of these kitchen containers. Whatever the decorating scheme in your kitchen, when a different texture like a bit of metal or wood is incorporated it can give further interest and lift the look that is already there. It is especially useful when you have neutral monochrome schemes in a kitchen. That is why I also particularly like the addition of the wooden spoons that come with each of these canisters and the system to store them on each jar too.

This collection comes as a set of 4 jars with the following sizes -
1. 22 fl oz ( 650 ml ) 4.5 by 4.9 inches or 11.5 cm by 12.5 cm
2. 28 fl oz ( 830 ml ) 4.5 by 5.7 inches or 11.5 cm by 14.5 cm
3. 35 fl oz ( 1035 ml ) 4.5 by 6.9 inches or 11.5 cm by 17.5 cm
4. 42 fl oz ( 1242 ml ) 4.5 by 7.7 inches or 11.5 cm by 19.5 cm

These dimensions show that these containers are not what you'd consider large. They would be ideal for storing your favourite beverage foodstuffs.

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