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White Black Marble Tea Coffee & Sugar Canisters with Knobbed Lids

This set of pretty white and black marble tea coffee and sugar canisters comes with lids that have a knob on them for easy opening and closing.

The set comes with 3 different size jars with capacities of 24, 38 and 72 fl oz. The lids are made of the same ceramic material as the base but are designed with a knob that makes them easy to open and close. Each lid has a silicone gasket around the rim of the lids which means that they seal tightly preserving the state of the foodstuffs in them.

The fact that this set has 3 different size jars to it makes them ideal for storing beverages and where you might not want such a large jar to store tea bags as you would for sugar or coffee.

As well as the ceramic material that has been used to make this collection, I also like the dainty, pretty design on these containers. They provide both a storage solution and look good at the same time.

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