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Unusual Small Tea Coffee Sugar Jars All in One

This set of unusual small tea, coffee sugar jars are all in one unit, that is joined together which means that they will take up less space on the kitchen worktop surface.

This unit is made from wood that has been painted in a cream colour. Each of the compartments for the beverages have their own lids which give a tight seal. Some customers who bought this item report that the lids were quite tight but a touch of olive oil around the seal solved the problem.

Each unit has a label and a viewing window to see what the levels are so you know when it's time for a refill.

These containers only need a wipe with a damp cloth to clean them.

They'd be perfect for say university students who want a beverage station but don't have too much space in which to put one. They'd also be useful in a caravan again where space is limited. If your kitchen is small and worktop space is limited, or if you don't like to display too much in the way of beverages foodstuffs, then this product could well be ideal for that situation. Many customers report that they appreciated the fact that this product matched other kitchen accessories from this same supplier - ie allowing a coordinated range in the kitchen.

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