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Unusual Ribbed Style Tea Coffee Sugar Jars

If you are after some storage for your beverage foodstuffs that is a bit quirky and different, then this set of unusual ribbed style tea coffee sugar jars might do the job.

They are manufactured from a grey galvanised metal that has been treated in such a way as to make them look somewhat aged but in a good way. I love the effect of the mango wooden lids with knobs on them which makes them easier to handle.

The feature that I really like most is the way they have been labelled - that is definitely different from most other containers I have seen available.

The galvanised metal has been treated to make them safe to store food items in them.

As they have wooden lids they could be used in a kitchen that has a mainly wood theme in it but where you want to add a bit of interest with that textured galvanised look. They would also fit well in a neutral themed kitchen where you need to add a bit of a different texture - provided by the bumpy metal in them.