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Unusual Owl Tea Coffee Sugar Pots

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and love birds then you might like these unusual owl tea coffee and sugar pots. There are so many ways to incorporate something about which we are passionate into our homes. Many of us love these nighttime birds.

These three bird-themed containers come with a tray on which they stand and are available in vivid colours of red, yellow and green. This offers the chance to match them with other accessories like the same coloured kettles or toasters. If your kitchen has a neutral colour overall, and you want to add a bit of interest then this set will do just that.

I like the fact that they are made from ceramic which is easily washed and does not affect the foodstuffs stored in them.

They might be a bit smaller than other containers. However, if they are too adorable to reject because of their size that is easily overcome by replenishing them now and again from a bulk stock that you keep in your pantry or kitchen cupboards.