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Unusual Funky Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters in Red

This intriguing and unusual funky tea, coffee and sugar canisters set in red would appeal to lovers of chihuahua dogs in particular or someone looking for a decorative item that is quite uniquely different,

The collection is handmade from ceramic material and glazed. As it is done by hand it is ideal for anyone looking for something that is one of a kind and not an item that is mass produced by a machine looking exactly like many other jars.

The jars come in small (48 fl oz) medium (64 fl oz) and large (96 fl oz) This means if you want them all to be the same size you can customize your order.

When you purchase this set you invest in some carefully crafted artwork which has been lovingly and carefully sculpted from clay with great skills. You'll end up with an item that will cause a great deal of comment and conversation.

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