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Unusual Cork Ball Glass Beverage Storage

This unusual cork ball glass beverage storage set has a modern look about it and would match well with a kitchen that has a contemporary style to it.

The lids are made from a cork material that seals them well enough to keep the contents fresh and dry. As they are made from glass it is easy to see what they contain and no real need for labels. The glass used to manufacture them is free of lead, food-safe and you can use your dishwasher to give them a clean.

This set has 3 different sized jars which make it ideal for storing tea coffee and sugar. They are available in other combinations to store other items in your pantry or on the kitchen worktop. The see-through containers mean they would be ideal for nuts and seeds and cereals. Have them upfront and visible so that your family is encouraged to eat them.

I love the look of these jars, curved sleek, and modern - they do a job while looking good.