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Unusual Chicken Tea Coffee Sugar Storage Tins

Do you like farmyard animals? Looking for some inspiration for your kitchen beverage counter storage. How about these unusual chicken-themed tea coffee sugar storage tins with a lovely picture of a chicken family in a country setting.

They are made in enamel tin material so are nice and light. What I like is that the lids have a nice big handle to them. If you suffer from arthritis or some issue with your hands, then these would be a good fit.

This set does have labels printed on them and all 3 in the set are the same size. If you are a 'neat freak' like some of us are then having all the tins standing at the same height might be a good feature - even if we don't need the same space to store the beverage foods as we do for the sweet stuff!

I like the colours in the illustration of these containers - not outstandingly bright but still eyecatching. If I had these in my kitchen I would pick out some of the shades and incorporate other accessories into the kitchen to match that colour. For example, maybe a brown, or red toaster to match the colours of the hen.