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Tea Coffee Sugar Pre-Labelled Ceramic Round Canisters Black Printing

If you are looking for stylish beverage storage for your kitchen think about these white ceramic tea coffee and sugar pre-labelled round canisters which have black printing in a modern font. They will make a good addition to your coffee station.

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The set includes 3 containers in an assortment of sizes. The coffee one is the largest and holds 4.5 cups, then the sugar (3 cups) and finally, the smallest (1.25 cups) is for tea. Though they are not the biggest of storage containers they are adequate for a home kitchen. If you are a family who drinks a lot of tea then you might just have to keep refilling that jar.

The set in the image are white but they do have a choice of black and aqua if you'd prefer.

The lids are made from bamboo and they have a silicone seal to aid a good airtight fit.

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