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Tea Coffee Sugar Country Style Canisters with Writable Label Area

Need a set of ceramic storage jars for a new kitchen in a new home that will match? How about this tea coffee and sugar country style canisters with a writable label area? They do come in a variety of colours to match the scheme in different kitchens.

Click the image to see the product on Amazon ( affiliate link) and the exact colours from which to choose

The fact that you can change the labels by rubbing out and renaming on the special chalkboard area is a useful feature. How many times do we change our minds about what food type we are going to put where?

All the jars in the set are the same size and they can be washed in the dishwasher.

These sets are so pleasing to look at you definitely would not want to put them in a cupboard shelf - but display them on your worktop surface - which is why they make good storage containers for beverage items.