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Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters with Swarovski Crystals

Fancy a glittery, shimmery look around your coffee station? Take a look at these tea, coffee and sugar canisters that are filled with Swarovski crystals which give them a bling style.

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These bright crystals are made from a combination of quartz sand and minerals. Although far from diamonds they have that look about them which is why many are attracted to them. When the light bounces off them they give out the shimmery flashy look that is commonly associated with the bling style.

This collection is in a silvery color and comes as a set of 3 that are labelled in black.

The 3 equally sized containers are made from glass and have lids with knobs making them easier to use. At 3.95 by 5.5 inches they hold 0.87 pint (500ml) so not huge storage jars but ideal for beverages.

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