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Steel Black Lid Airtight Tea Coffee Sugar Set

Searching for some new beverage storage jars? Need them to have a black theme? How about three of these steel black lid airtight containers to make up tea, coffee and sugar set?

They make an ideal choice to store beverage foodstuffs as they have been designed with a one-way CO2 valve to keep the contents from deteriorating.

Coffee naturally emits carbon dioxide which needs to be removed to keep it staying fresh. This one way valve does just that. The lid has a mechanism to make it as airtight as possible so keeping air and moisture out - which is what you need for freshness.

The product also comes with a day and month expiry date tracker which will help you to keep tabs on how fresh your coffee really is. A good cup of coffee can only come from fresh new coffee beans!

For convenience, these canisters also have attached a special hinge which allows you to store the spoon right on the container.

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