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Stacked Tea Coffee Sugar Jars with Clip Top Lid

This glass and ceramic tower of stackable tea, coffee and sugar jars has a clip-top lid. I like the way the ceramic labels are attached with a brown cord to each jar. The ability to customise the colour of the printing on the labels is a useful feature that enables a buyer to match them with their decor scheme.

The top jar with the clip top lid has a capacity of 0.9 litre while the other two below it can hold 0.88 litre. Though not large in size these jars offer enough capacity to store a reasonable amount of beverage foodstuffs and still conserve some horizontal space too.

Being made from glass and having an overall neutral colour to them means that they'll blend in well with many different kitchen schemes.

As you would expect from handmade items they are not suited to be cleaned in a dishwasher machine but can be very easily wiped with a damp cloth.

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