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Small White Ceramic Canisters for Tea Coffee Sugar with Cat Theme

Love cats? Looking for a feline-themed set of containers for your kitchen beverage station? These small white ceramic canisters for tea coffee and sugar have a definite cat theme to their design. As they have this lovely design to them they are made to be displayed on the countertops and not stored inside a cupboard.

Although they do not come with labels, you should be able to pick up some labels to add to them quite easily. They have a somewhat unusual shape in that they are not quite round - a bit bigger at the base somewhat similar in shape to a cat's head!

Size-wise they are smaller than other storage jars so would perhaps fit best in a smaller kitchen or coffee station where space is limited. They can always be refilled from a larger storage container that is hidden away in a cupboard.

The lids are made from wood and have a silicone seal to them which helps to make them airtight.

What I like most about these containers is the clever feline design and although they are perfect for beverages you could also store just about anything in them.