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Small Tea Coffee Sugar Stackable Canisters for Caravans

This set of 6 rectangular same-size plastic containers would be suitable as small tea coffee sugar canisters for a caravan or camping situation as they are stackable and so help to save space when stored.

Being made from BPA free food grade plastic means they are safe for storing food items like your favourite everyday beverages. This material is light and see-through which is useful in a caravan as they are not going to significantly add to the weight and you can see at a glance what it is in them.

Having 6 of them each with a capacity of 1.4 cups they are small enough to be able to store little amounts of favourite foodstuffs that you might need on trip in a caravan or when camping.

The lids fit tightly and have a handle which makes it easier to open and close them securely.

One of their useful features is the rectangular shape which means they stack well using the space available but they are also easier to pick up too. Being small and stackable means they are ideally suited to caravans and camping trips.

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