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Small Stackable Tea Coffee Sugar Jars in Glass & Bamboo

If you need a set of small stackable tea, coffee and sugar jars this product is made from glass with a bamboo lid that gives it a natural look.

This item has 3 glass containers that fit into one another vertically. The top container has a bamboo lid that fits tightly to exclude air and so preserving the freshness of the beverage it holds.

Each of the glass storage jars is small, holding only half a litre (0.8 pint) This means that this product would be ideally suited to a situation in which the kitchen worktop space available is very limited such as a small kitchenette. Another situation in which this item would be ideal is when you might want to have only a small amount of tea coffee and sugar on display. It would be perfect for a caravan too.

Another useful feature is that it comes with waterproof vinyl labels which can be customised if you wish.

Washing these containers in the dishwasher is not recommended, however, they are very easily cleaned by hand.

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