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Small Simple White Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters with Wooden Lids

If you are hunting around for basic kitchen containers with no quirky words printed on them, then take a look at these small simple white tea coffee and sugar canisters with wooden lids on them. As they are white storage jars they'd be ideal for a number of uses, and would be ideal for your beverages too.

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Check the Sizes before You Buy!

This product is available in three sizes as detailed below.
Photos can be a little deceiving so before you make a decision to buy check very carefully for the capacity and dimensions to make sure that they will fit with what you want.
Sizes are as follows -

* the small one (pictured in the main image) is 260 ml - 8.3 cm by 8.2 cm tall
* medium jar is 800 ml - 10.3 cm by 14.5 cm tall
* the larger one is 1000 ml 10.3 cm by 18.20 cm tall

Although the smallest one is quite 'dinky' I think it would be suitable for sugar as these days very few people take it in their tea and coffee - well that's what happens in our family. Also, being smaller, they would be suited to a tiny kitchen where the countertop space is maybe limited, and you want some kitchen canisters that don't occupy too much surface area.

These jars are made from porcelain and they have a high shine to them. The lids are wooden manufactured from bamboo and have the very important sealing ring for a tight seal when closed. The wood color adds warmth to what would otherwise be a clinical white container.

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