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Small Metal Tea Coffee Sugar Storage Containers

This set of 4 small metal tea coffee and sugar storage containers are made from stainless steel ( no chance of rust) that has been given a brushed satin finish so that they really stand out.

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The four canisters are of a small size ranging from capacity of 25, 37, 47 and 64 fl oz ( 0.75, 1.1, 1.4 and 1.9L) Thoroughly check the dimensions in the description to make sure they are what you want. As this collection has 4 jars you might consider using the largest one to store biscuits which makes sense next to the beverages.

The knobs on the lids are of a good size which makes gripping easier. A silicone seal means they close tightly and so keep the contents fresher for longer. When you purchase this set you will get a spoon that holds 20ml to use with them.

Anyone looking to add some sophistication and modern look to their kitchen would be attracted to this set. I think they would go well with a kitchen decor that already might have a few stainless steel appliances in it already.

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